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  • Gentlemen's Haircut

    A spectacular gentlemen's haircut comes as standard with a shampoo, neck shave and a slap of product.

    30 minutos, £16,50

  • The Under 16's

    The youth of today can relax and enjoy a haircut and listen to the wise words of the barber. 

    30 minutos, £14,00

  • All Over Clipper Cut (0-4 Grade)

    A perfect buzz cut all over with NO stray hairs in sight, from zero to grade 4 you won't be disappointed.

    30 minutos, £12,00

  • The Deluxe (Hair & Beard)

    Feel like an aristocrat and let the barber take full responsibility of the hair on your head. haircut, heck shave, shampoo, beard trim and a slap of oil.

    60 minutos, £28,50

  • Groom My Beard

    Luxury beard trim for the fellow gentleman who wants to look well groomed and well oiled.

    30 minutos, £12,00

  • The Restyle (Long To Short)

    Getting rid of those long locks and braving the clippers, sit back and let the barber work his magic. Includes shampoo, haircut, wet neck shave and a slap of product.

    60 minutos, £22,00

  • Back and Sides Only

    Just a tidy up on  the back and sides and leaving the top the same length to grow. 

    30 minutos, £14,00

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